Craig Royse Smith

Condolences for Craig Royse Smith

My love and prayers are with you all. Lovingly, your cousin, Jan
Image Janis Kelly
Image Norwood, Missouri
Image 2012-09-08
Thinking of you, praying for you. Love, cousin Robin.
Image Robin Loo
Image Springfield, Mo
Image 2012-09-09
I knew Craig from viaLink. He was a good guy. I enjoyed working with Craig. My sympathies are with his family. Keith
Image Keith Dickerson
Image Edmond, OK
Image 2012-09-10
Greg and I thought so much of Craig and we are going to miss him.
Image Debbie Johnsen
Image Tulsa
Image 2012-09-11
I know this is almost three years late but I felt compelled to write anyway. My kids were thinking about going to Mo rolla so I thought I might look up my old high school friend to see what he thought of the school as one of the last times I saw him he was starting a promising career and heading to TX after graduating. I was very saddened to find his Obit and see that he had passed away. When I moved to Ozark as a Junior, Craig and I became friends and survived Junior/Senior year together. He was known as a fun loving young guy with a habit of questioning authority. He had a photographic memory that made us all jealous as he never needed to study. He had a pretty tough childhood in some ways but kept a good attitude about life. We were surprised when he went to Rolla but not surprised of his success. Like most high school kids, we lost touch after a few years. I was pleased to see (in the video) what a happy life and beautiful family he had. I will always remember Craig when I hear Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen as he wore those LPs out at his little duplex in Ozark. Next time I float the North Fork near Dora I will have a toast to Craig Smith! Dave Appleton Class of 1980 Ozark High School Sincerely- Dave Appleton
Image Dave Appleton
Image Springfield, MO
Image 2015-09-09